June 11, 2009 | Category: General

It’s school holiday. We had a nice holiday in Kuantan and Kuala Terengganu from 8th June until¬† 11th June.

The trip to Kuantan was smooth along East Coast Expressway (LPT). I presumed everybody has gone back from their vacation, since it’s already second week of school holiday.

On the way back from Kuala Terengganu, we stopped at Cherating beach for about 1 hour to rest and enjoy the scenery. I purposely drive through a chalet where my wife and I had spent our “honeymoon” in 1996. It’s not a good experience anyway as the condition of our chalet was bad hahaha..

This is a picture of my son, Akmal at the beach.



  1. afidie
    on June 30th, 2009

    salam, waa..cantek gambar ko…apa camera ko pakai? pasal honeymoon in 1996, baru kawen beb, peduli apa pasal chalet tak? hahaha..!

  2. md
    on June 30th, 2009

    EOS 40D je adie.. hehe

    nightmare lah duduk chalet tu.. patut murah banget sewa dia..haha

  3. afidie
    on July 1st, 2009

    peghhh!!! 40D, 2 digit tu…dah kalah dah aku…hahaha….! nice pics and maybe one day we can have a photo outing together…tgh plan nak gi zoo ngan member2 opis for photo session, wanna join??

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