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It’s School Holiday and I’m planning a road trip

November 27th, 2015 No comments

The time has come again, and the kids are looking forward for the next installment of activities during this break-off period. Of course, apart from watching TV, play online games, etc. what is much anticipated is the short excursion out of KL.

This time, I plan to go on a road trip vacation, forget the normal staying at hotel-kids enjoy the swimming pool-city tour/shopping. I want to do it differently. We will stop at stalls or any attraction places on the way to our destination. Hopefully everybody will co-operate and not making fuss.

A quick google to find good destination to go with the end-of-year situation (where monsoon is quite alarming) is pretty difficult.

I find a review posted by John Brunton on Guardian UK newspaper ( about his experience on a road trip vacation to east cost Malaysia is intimidating. Penarik-Inn run by Riyad and Adlin in a Kampung in Terengganu coast, seems a good stop-over place if we plan to head to Redang Island (maybe not during monsoon season).

Need to plan this well for a 3days-2nights getaway to enjoy the journey with the kids!.

Expectation not meant to be fulfilled IF….

May 20th, 2015 No comments

My eldest son took a driving test (car) yesterday morning. I purposely applied for a leave to accompany him yesterday. The test comprises of three parts and he passed only two parts. That require him to go for a repeat test in 2 weeks time.

It’s not about him don’t know what to do during the test, but rather he “assumed” some ofย  the “must-do” driving ethics can be skipped when the situation is not based on what he was taught during the driving lessons. I guess, this is a classic example of what happening to our everyday life.

I have quite high expectation towards him, not only for the driving test, but in others too. I understand he is trying his best but many times he had faced challenges and not able to achieve desired results. As a parent, we wanted the best for our children, but sometimes we tend to put pressure too much. I think, I need to learn that expectations can only be met if the persons are fully committed to accept the results can be good or bad.

So, let’s see how he will cope with the repeat test in 2 weeks time.

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I’ve decided to write again in here

February 27th, 2015 No comments

My last post in this blog was in October 2011. More than 3 years I’ve left this blog unattended (but visited of course). I started blogging back in year 2002 when I was in UK accompanying my wife did her Master. That time, it was just to fill-up the time with something, and I find many people has blogs, so I created one for me (on SDF public Unix account –

It used to become a place where I can rumble and write whatever I like and feel. It was fun, I have a place to express my thoughts, it’s just like an online journal that tracks what I did.

After a while, I started to share more serious stuff like technical tips or guides especially on Linux and open-source software, my motorbiking activities, photography and some other stuffs – it was fun to share something with the readers. Apart from sharing the story, it’s a good place to keep the info for future reference too.

Then, it’s evolved without saying until September 2011, when I got a new job at my current work place, that made me thinking. I don’t want people at office spotted my personal rumblings in this blog (well, some people like to Google to know a person right?). It’s not that I have wrote something stupid or offensive, but I wanted to keep this page private, and those who know me, I don’t like to be judged by first impression (be it face to face or online), you need to get close to me to gain my trust.

Insya-ALlah, god willing, I’ll resume to share something here again. Let’s see how long this will last ๐Ÿ™‚

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October 6th, 2011 No comments

Have you ever use cloud synchronisation service before?. Service like file or storage that can be accessed virtually (over Internet) that makes data is accessible almost anywhere and protected in data centres, not in our local disk.

The sync service is getting popular with the advancement in tablet PC and smart phones. We only need Internet connectivity to get access to our files and storage. So, we can now enjoy the true power of computing without worrying so much on data loss (due to physical or unforeseen damages).

Arguably, security and confidentiality of the files or data kept in cloud service provider is in question. That is why we need to use reliable, reputable and trustworthy service provider for this kind of service. Other cloud computing services like server, application and non-storage related service can be source out to normal managed service provider – because it is not that sensitive as data and storage service.

by the way, I’m attached to a new job now, still with the same company. Doing pre-sales and solution consulting for SME market. A new experience for me. I’m positive to explore the new challenge ๐Ÿ™‚

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Cloud Computing

September 8th, 2011 No comments

Ever since Internet was invented (in early 70s), the exponential growth of the network and its users are phenomenal. More and more applications were developed and become our daily companion (or lifestyle).

Beginning with Email application, followed by World Wide Web (hypertext and hypermedia), the crave for killer applications never stops. Developer and software companies competing each other to develop cutting-edge application to satisfy the demand from computer users.

If we get used to sharing files and media over the network or Internet, cloud computing is not a strange buzzword to understand. The word “cloud” itself depicted the network of network (Internet) concept. Normally we draw an Internet network in cloud symbol.

So, a cloud computing consist of network, computers, servers, applications, networking devices, cables, softwares and peripherals. When the term “cloud computing” is used, we can imagine a full load of resources that is accessible and shareable over the Net.

The term infrastructure as a service (IaaS), application as a service (AaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and etc. being used to describe computing resources are no longer bounded to products type or category but merely regarded as a service. This is where, the traditional way of establishing a computing system or environment will be changed.

We have private, public, hybrid and community cloud at the moment. There are few commercial cloud services (i.e. Amazon EC2) being offered to the consumer. Currently, cloud computing is popular among big corporation and data centers for its agility, scalability and reliability (redundancy, high availability architecture) features.

It is envisaged that one day, personal computer users will no longer need to have personal storage like hard disk or thumb drive, everything can be stored in cloud services. Whenever we need a file or media, we can get it over the Net. Of course, public and community cloud is still debated for its security issues, however research and development to address this shortcoming is underway and will surely bring something positive.

That is why, tablet computer (i.e. iPad), intelligent devices (PDA, smart phones) are getting popular. The future trend is to have a computer that is highly usable, robust, high mobility, and small in size (light). We will witness this change gradually.

If you want to know more about cloud computing and what it has to offer, just google them ๐Ÿ™‚