It’s School Holiday and I’m planning a road trip

The time has come again, and the kids are looking forward for the next installment of activities during this break-off period. Of course, apart from watching TV, play online games, etc. what is much anticipated is the short excursion out of KL.

This time, I plan to go on a road trip vacation, forget the normal staying at hotel-kids enjoy the swimming pool-city tour/shopping. I want to do it differently. We will stop at stalls or any attraction places on the way to our destination. Hopefully everybody will co-operate and not making fuss.

A quick google to find good destination to go with the end-of-year situation (where monsoon is quite alarming) is pretty difficult.

I find a review posted by John Brunton on Guardian UK newspaper ( about his experience on a road trip vacation to east cost Malaysia is intimidating. Penarik-Inn run by Riyad and Adlin in a Kampung in Terengganu coast, seems a good stop-over place if we plan to head to Redang Island (maybe not during monsoon season).

Need to plan this well for a 3days-2nights getaway to enjoy the journey with the kids!.