Expectation not meant to be fulfilled IF….

My eldest son took a driving test (car) yesterday morning. I purposely applied for a leave to accompany him yesterday. The test comprises of three parts and he passed only two parts. That require him to go for a repeat test in 2 weeks time.

It’s not about him don’t know what to do during the test, but rather he “assumed” some of  the “must-do” driving ethics can be skipped when the situation is not based on what he was taught during the driving lessons. I guess, this is a classic example of what happening to our everyday life.

I have quite high expectation towards him, not only for the driving test, but in others too. I understand he is trying his best but many times he had faced challenges and not able to achieve desired results. As a parent, we wanted the best for our children, but sometimes we tend to put pressure too much. I think, I need to learn that expectations can only be met if the persons are fully committed to accept the results can be good or bad.

So, let’s see how he will cope with the repeat test in 2 weeks time.