I’ve decided to write again in here

My last post in this blog was in October 2011. More than 3 years I’ve left this blog unattended (but visited of course). I started blogging back in year 2002 when I was in UK accompanying my wife did her Master. That time, it was just to fill-up the time with something, and I find many people has blogs, so I created one for me (on SDF public Unix account – http://sifu.freeshell.org).

It used to become a place where I can rumble and write whatever I like and feel. It was fun, I have a place to express my thoughts, it’s just like an online journal that tracks what I did.

After a while, I started to share more serious stuff like technical tips or guides especially on Linux and open-source software, my motorbiking activities, photography and some other stuffs – it was fun to share something with the readers. Apart from sharing the story, it’s a good place to keep the info for future reference too.

Then, it’s evolved without saying until September 2011, when I got a new job at my current work place, that made me thinking. I don’t want people at office spotted my personal rumblings in this blog (well, some people like to Google to know a person right?). It’s not that I have wrote something stupid or offensive, but I wanted to keep this page private, and those who know me, I don’t like to be judged by first impression (be it face to face or online), you need to get close to me to gain my trust.

Insya-ALlah, god willing, I’ll resume to share something here again. Let’s see how long this will last 🙂