Have you ever use cloud synchronisation service before?. Service like file or storage that can be accessed virtually (over Internet) that makes data is accessible almost anywhere and protected in data centres, not in our local disk.

The sync service is getting popular with the advancement in tablet PC and smart phones. We only need Internet connectivity to get access to our files and storage. So, we can now enjoy the true power of computing without worrying so much on data loss (due to physical or unforeseen damages).

Arguably, security and confidentiality of the files or data kept in cloud service provider is in question. That is why we need to use reliable, reputable and trustworthy service provider for this kind of service. Other cloud computing services like server, application and non-storage related service can be source out to normal managed service provider – because it is not that sensitive as data and storage service.

by the way, I’m attached to a new job now, still with the same company. Doing pre-sales and solution consulting for SME market. A new experience for me. I’m positive to explore the new challenge 🙂